Monday, 5 March 2012


The Nigeria Railway Corporation(NRC) in Lagos have five daily train ride on the Ijoko-Iddo route that starts as early 5:30am carrying passengers. The ride cost #120 which is cheap and faster compared to a bus ride on that route, which would be expensive and be-deviled by the regular Lagos traffic that starts as early as 6am in some parts of the city.

One striking thing that is common on these ride are the presence of youths, mostly men sitting on top of the moving train. They are usually found gisting and having a view of what Lagos looks like from the train top. But there have been incidences of some of them falling and crushed to death in shogunle area of the railway crossing. According to an official of the NRC the boys seen on top of the train are mainly those who don't want to pay for the tickets and opt to sitting on top of the train and sometimes found smoking indian hemp.
Though Kenny Roger sang that the best you can wish for IS TO DIE ON THE STREET, but not crushed.
Is #120 too expensive than been crushed to death?